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Reasons Why Notes and Lists Can Make You More Productive

In today’s business environment, technology promoters preach that technological advances enable us to do more in less time…therefore, expectations are high. We can login remotely to file servers and basically work from anywhere that has internet connectivity. With that in mind, it allows us to do more in less time…or so they say.


Being able to work from anywhere, anytime and do anything has, in some ways, made us less productive.

I don’t know about you but, some days feel like I worked all day and didn’t get anything done. Think about all aspects of life from business to family to social settings. Are we really more productive? Are we really more efficient and more effective in how we do things? Or has technology made some areas of our lives more complicated and caused us to constantly multi-task ourselves into a state of low productivity?

I want to take a look at an “old school” and “low tech” concept that is simple. “To-Do Lists”…. They can make productivity harmonize.

When was the last time you took notes and kept a list?  Was it in your college days? Perhaps we should take time to readopt this habit.

When taking notes it’s important to keeping a daily “To-Do List”. Whether it’s done through a Word document or a shared application, it may help you and your team members achieve goals more quickly.

The benefits of taking notes are tremendous and include:

  • Keeps details of meetings, conversations or phone calls that you may tend to forget.
  • Helps you stay on schedule.
  • Provides reference information.
  • May be shared with colleagues and co-workers.
  • Best of all...it can make others admire your work while relieving stress!

Lists are one of the best ways to stay productive.

Many people find enjoyment and motivation in crossing off tasks on a list.  No task is too small for a list.  By writing it all down and adding to it throughout the day, productivity will, more than likely, increase. This simple exercise of making a “To-Do List” eases the mind and allows the brain to focus.

 Lists are also great tools for making plans, back-up plans and delegating authority.

After the list is created, it is easier for managers to see what tasks could be delegated to team members.  Breaking up projects or tasks that are large and complicated (or less enjoyable) reduces the urge to put things off and lose focus.  Sometimes harder tasks that are broken up into smaller ones are less intimidating once a large piece is crossed off the list. This can create enthusiasm, project momentum and encourage teamwork which leads to greater focus, overall productivity and elimination of something that has been stagnating on your list.

An important element to list management is updating often, especially if tasks have been assigned to multiple people.  Grab a notepad and try forming a new habit. Feel how it encourages you to work better toward accomplishing goals and managing projects. If your employer does not already utilize a program like Microsoft OneNote or Evernote or Get It Done, suggest such options. You will be amazed at how much more productive you become.  

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