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From a Catamount employee: What it’s like to work for a factoring company.

employee_350.jpgAs I was walking into my first and only interview with Catamount Funding I had no idea what to expect, but I was put completely at ease with the first hello. Someone greeted me warmly and directed me into the conference room. She offered me some water and returned with it, joined by two others. They were all so nice and I didn’t feel overly nervous like I had in other interviews. One of the bosses went to Baylor like me so that gave us some common ground, and I felt like I completely clicked with the girls. They asked me normal interview questions and we even laughed about a few things. After that, they showed me around the office and introduced me to to the rest of the crew. I really loved it there and hoped they would choose me to work with them.

So obviously, I got the job! I was told I would mainly be in an Administrative Assistant role and I couldn’t wait to start! The beginning consisted of lots of training and doing other easy tasks like scanning and filing. Two of the main things I would be doing were entering the wires in the morning and the checks in the afternoon into our online system, FactorSQL. I would also help some with purchasing the invoices. I got to slowly learn who our customers were and how we were able to meet their financial needs.

I have been with Catamount Funding for 9 months now and I love what I do. I love taking care of the details, crossing things off my task list, making sure things are organized, and talking to friendly people on the phone. When I first started working for Catamount I really had no idea what factoring was. But then I learned all about it and how it helps companies grow by giving them a constant cash flow. Just a few weeks ago one of our customers came in and told me about how we got his small business out of a hole when no banks would help him. He was so grateful and I could really understand the great impact it had on his business.

Knowing that I am helping people in some way is what has always given me satisfaction in life. I never knew that I would do that by purchasing companies’ accounts receivables though! I love being a part of making small and medium sized businesses strong in this economy. And the people I work with make it even more worth it. You can hardly find a day when we’re not laughing or joking about something at some point in the day. Who you work with matters tremendously when it comes to enjoying what you do and I am so happy to be with such caring and fun people. It’s crazy how much I’ve learned and am still learning. I am so thankful to be here and I am excited for more good times to come!

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Catamount has always been there for us and has been very instrumental in helping us succeed.

-Victor G., Equipment Paint & Blast

Without Catamount we would not be where we are today...period. They have been a tremendous help and are very supportive!

-Angelos P., Oilfield Trucking

When we needed help Catamount stood up to the plate for us. Their service is outstanding...great people to work with!

-Jimmy F., Welding & Fabrication