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Differing Shades of Entrepreneurs

Recently I have been thinking a lot about entrepreneurs and the mindset it takes to become one. What is it that drives individuals to start a company? At what point does one become compelled to take risk and make the move?

Those of us that have founded several companies will more than likely agree that entrepreneurship can be a very humbling experience. It can be an undeniable lifestyle changer and, without question it can be extremely rewarding.
Granted there are different situational factors and broad statements as to what works and what doesn't. With that in mind, I believe there are distinctly different classes of entrepreneurs that can be sized by measures of motivation, goals and desired outcomes.Shades-of-Entrepreneurs-350.jpg

The Opportunist – one who keeps their eyes and ears open and recognizes that a particular situation represents an opportunity to make money and jumps all over it. Individuals in this category usually have a skill set that lends itself toward taking quick advantage of the situation at hand without having to raise a substantial amount of capital to succeed. Most entrepreneurs start out this way and often have a sense of urgency in the first place to do something different.

The Problem Solver – one who cannot quit thinking about a problem until they come up with a solution that nobody has ever presented. These individuals are always hungry for improvement. Inventors come to mind when looking at this class of entrepreneur. However, the problem solver has to be focused on one problem at a time. Start there and if the solution benefits enough people then, more than likely, a business is born.

The Lifestyle Entrepreneur – one who seeks a lifestyle of work/play for personal gratification and balance rather than for the satisfaction of growing a small business into a large enterprise. This class of entrepreneur wants to build a business to be his or her own boss and not have to report to someone else. Usually, family and friends are involved and a sense of balance exists whereby work and pleasure walk hand in hand. One requirement in this category is the business must be sustainable in that the demand for product or service is inelastic. I have worked with Lifestyle Gamers and can really identify with this class. How much money does one really need in life? Not everyone wants to retire in their 30's so why not find something stimulating to do for work that provides a comfortable living and enables one to play around as well?

Visionaries and Game Changers – these are the people we read about in the news and are most admired by fans of innovation. They not only have taken products, innovations and industries to new levels of success, but they have a track record of progress that is sustainable. They always forge ahead and blaze new trails. Access to large pools of capital is ever present. Names like Michael Dell, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs come to mind,

One thing is for certain, if one is thinking about starting a business, he or she will most likely identify with one of the above shades of entrepreneurship. Do you have that burning desire? Do you have that opportunity, idea or solution to a problem? Why not give it a try. Seek the advice of a solid financial services provider. Line up your financing.

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