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Ways Factoring Could Benefit Your Company

collecting payment.jpgThere are many aspects of business that are no waiting matter. In fact, waiting for money can destroy a business before it has even picked up momentum. Payroll-related delays can ruin a business's credibility and reputation while fluctuating cash flows can render it unmanageable in down times. There are also instances where the money just isn't there for supplies, goals, and other situations that need immediate attention. When it is not feasible to wait, factoring can be a tremendous help.

Catamount Funding provides factoring for businesses in need. We help your business grow and thrive through receivable factoring, offering much-needed confidence and capital. While banks can be more of a hassle than a blessing, factoring provides a quick and easy route to filling monetary gaps. There are a plenty of situations where factoring could benefit your company, including but not limited to:

Varying Cash Flow

Some industries face a sort of seasonal schedule of cash flow. In the downtime, even normal operation can prove stressful, and every invoice will count. When a business faces long periods of time without suitable cash flow, factoring helps to keep the balance. It is detrimental to the day-to-day running and even growth of a business when cash flow is inconsistent. Factoring puts a steady plan in place to keep the business running and the money coming in a timely manner.

Business Growth

Steady money is imperative to business growth. It is not always feasible to have the cash on hand to handle various growth-related expenses, especially in industries that are invoice driven. With the backing of Catamount Funding, the money you need to pay workers, buy supplies, and expand in other ways is right where it belongs. Paid invoices free up necessary funding that can lead to bigger and better opportunities.

Accounts Receivable

It is a very lucky occurrence when a client can pay upfront. It is also a rare one. In fact, many industries and businesses face waits from 30-60 days for invoice payments. Factoring provides a clean solution to the lengthy waits, keeping both parties satisfied and above water.
Getting Started

Small businesses may start off small, but their expenses are just as important as a well-established business, if not more. When there is no chance of a loan to help get a business off its feet, factoring provides a great alternative. Unlike a traditional commercial loan, your needs are met in a timely manner (in most cases a lot sooner than any loan will offer) with a less stressful approval process. The usual process takes place within 24 to 48 hours after approval conditions are met.

While the uncertainty of running a business can be scary, there are plenty of methods to make the process go a bit smoother. You should not have to sell parts of your company just to keep a steady cash flow. Factoring puts much-needed funds back into the hands of the business to assure that all your needs are met as swiftly as possible. Contact us if you think factoring might be the right solution for you. 


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