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Factoring Your Freight Bills

transblog.jpegFactoring your freight bills is easy, plus it's a reliable way to predict your cash flow without waiting weeks or even months to get paid. Here are a few thoughts as to why transportation factoring is worth looking into:

Cash is always in the Bank.

While you are typically waiting to get paid for your loads you have bills to pay.... Fuel, Insurance, Tires, Weekly Driver Settlements, Preventative Maintenance, etc......you need cash for all of this. Factoring your loads takes away the worry. Look at it this way: you get paid within 24 hours of delivering your load which allows you to focus on what's important -- getting the next load, being safe and compliant. Freight factoring increases the amount of cash you always have in the bank and empowers you to grow your business without the hassle of raising capital.

Fuel discounts.

We all know that fuel is by far the largest recurring expense every trucker has. Quick paying a fuel bill is cheaper than financing it for 30 days on the card. Factoring your load tickets allows you to do exactly that. It also creates a built in discipline to never get behind on a fuel bill. Sounds nice right?

Avoid Future Problems.

You may be on the road for days, living in the truck. You can create your freight tickets and send them to us for immediate funding. This will provide you comfort in knowing your bank account has cash in it to pay for fuel and other expenses while you are not at home. We can forward your invoice to your customer electronically with no charge. Sounds like a winner right?

Receivable Management.

Calling your customer for a payment is a pain in the neck, especially when you are on the road. We can take away that hassle and become your Receivable Management Department. Our back office is very experienced and will always be looking out for your best interest. We'll stay on top of things and make sure that loads are paid on time. If your customer says they are missing paperwork, then we'll send it to them. That's a big plus isn't it?

Credit Investigation and Background Info.

Before you haul loads for a new broker or customer, would you like to know if they have a bad credit report? Of course you would. Nobody wants to work for someone that is going to scam them. We'll check out anyone that you are considering hauling for. We have a vested interest in checking out the credit of a company we are about to factor a load for.

With freight transportation factoring and Catamount Funding, Inc. you will never go wrong. We combine experience in the industry along with an extensive credit background to insure that things go well.

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